It’s All From the Heart

Today is the day – the kitchen is filled with the fragrance of roasting turkey, or ham, or both. The sweet potato and green bean casseroles are bubbling in the oven while the cranberry sauce chills in the fridge. And a multitude of pies are lined up, ready to be topped with billows of fresh whipped cream.


Or at least that’s the vision Mr. Rockwell offers.

For many folks, the day will be spent working at a cash register or in a hospital. Some people will be sharing memories and tears as they say goodbye to a beloved family member or friend. And for too many families, the day’s meal will be more the stuff of survival, rather than celebration.



So today is the day to make a difference. Maybe that difference will be in treating the sales clerk to a smile and some much needed patience. It might be ordering a pizza or two for the late night ER folks. It could include dropping off some hot chocolate mix or flavored coffee at Hospice.


And that difference could be making a personal choice to put thankfulness and gratitude into action not just for one day, but throughout this holiday season.

For the next eight weeks, we will offer some ideas for incorporating compassion into daily living, and we’ll share your own thoughts about and experiences with putting love into action – those random acts of kindness that make all the difference!


Please join us as we look for ways to follow Jane’s example of quietly, respectfully and lovingly responding to those in need.

Thank you.




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